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UX/UI design
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Mavida's Team

The Challenge

At Mavida, Dr. Sarah Oreck, MD, MS (co-founder and CEO), and Emma Sugerman (co-founder and COO) spearhead a mission to revolutionize perinatal mental health care. Upon recognizing a significant gap in support, especially during the often-neglected postpartum phase, they embarked on a journey for change. Their purpose was to create a platform that supports moms at every stage of maternity, offering everything from individualized therapy to content, community, and medication management.

The Solution

We developed Mavida's medically directed reproductive mental health services app that includes everything from medication management to personalized therapy. Its members receive clinical care, customized resources based on the stage of the maternity cycle, and moderated community support through its mobile app. 
Our team prioritized user experience and accessibility in every aspect of the design and development of the product. We created highly strategic designs with a unique look & feel, seamless compatibility across screens, and an intuitive and engaging user-friendly experience for patients and healthcare providers.

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Let’s dive deeper into the solution:


  • Physician-led perinatal mental health care via a virtual platform providing scalable, evidence-based health treatments. Users and certified professionals can carry out appointments through its telemedicine functionality.


  • A community that provides connection and support through curated, expert-moderated forums. It is a forum where users pose their problems, challenges, thoughts, and concerns; members of the Mavida community can interact in the various conversations while all interactions are moderated by a clinician specialized in mental reproductive health.


  • Content and educational resources about the fertility journey, pregnancy, and mental health from experts and peers. These clinical-reviewed resources go from guided meditations and posture exercise videos to technical readings.

CUSTOm-designed tools

  • Interactive activities and pre-appointment forms: From daily exercises to help users stay on track, pre-appointment forms to ensure you get the most out of your sessions, to mood trackers. These tools were custom-designed to address the specific challenges Mavida’s community undergoes in its motherhood journey.



This 1-month phase featured weekly brainstorming sessions where we explored users’ challenges and pain points. It ensured the product focused on meeting parental needs and fitted market demands.

Product Strategy & MVP Definition

We crafted a clear, actionable plan for Mavida Health's MVP, born from Mavida Health's clinical vision and Light-it's technical expertise.

The initial product focused on postpartum challenges blossomed into a much more comprehensive solution. Today, Mavida offers an all-encompassing care solution that comprises professional treatment sessions, educational resources and a forum community.

UX/UI design

We developed the solution's UX/UI design. Exceptional user experiences are a game-changer for both patients and providers. We iterated during design to bring ideas to life. Wireframes set the blueprint, mockups showcase the look and feel, and prototypes let Mavida's team experience the interaction with the solution.

Software development and continuous improvemenT

The prototypes were handed to the software development team to turn them into fully functional products. Since the MVP went into production, we have continued collaborating with Mavida to improve the product efficiency and UX.

The challenge: A bold MVP

The MVP goals were ambitious, requiring a robust scope and rapid time-to-market. To meet these challenges, our team had to prioritize strategically and make creative decisions along the way to ensure success.

Sneak peek of the solution

Patient Intake & Onboarding

Screenshot showing Mavida's home page

Mavida’s experience kicks-off with a personalized questionnaire, accessible through their website. This ensures a smooth patient intake and onboarding.

Patients' responses will generate a personalized experience for each user, with tailored content and care based on their individual situation, health, and context.

Screenshot from the user-friendly questionnaire design.

Clinical Care

The telemedicine feature allows patients to schedule, manage, and carry out individual, couples & group therapy sessions with mental health experts. Through the app, clinicians can also prescribe medications.

Screenshot of the home page of Mavida's mobile app
Screenshot of Mavida's mobile app showing an appointment
Screenshot of a female doctor talking through a zoom videoconference while having a treatment session
live encounters

Mavida members can conduct treatment sessions with certified professionals through the app thanks to a Zoom integration.

Educational Content & Resources

Screenshot from the different educational content & resources such as blogs and videos
decorative green line

The app includes an educational library of learnings from the team’s clinicians & researchers, including guided meditations, live Q&As with specialists, skill-building activities, and support on various parenting issues.

Curated community forum moderated by experts

The app offers discussion forums moderated by experts, where users can connect with other parents with similar challenges or interests.

Screenshot from the community section of Mavida's mobile app
Screenshot from a user sharing her experience in the community section of Mavida's mobile app.
Screenshot from the Mavida support chat.
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Mavida support chat

Users can also hold 1-on-1 chats with Mavida's clinical team to ask questions and receive guidance.

Tech Stack & Integrations

Healthie EHR
React Native
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Target audience size, causes, and potential impact

General population

-The leading cause of disability in women is depression.

-Perinatal disorders have been identified in women of all cultures, ages, social statuses, and races.

-One in five women suffer mental or emotional health problems during pregnancy.

Source: National Library of Medicine

Target users

-It is estimated that 8.5 to 11% of pregnant women will experience moderate to severe symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

-Approximately 6.5 to 12.9% of women suffer some degree of depression after childbirth. Symptoms are very diverse and may include feelings of anger, fear, and/or guilt, lack of interest in the baby, appetite, and sleep disturbances, and difficulty reaching and making decisions, among others. 

Source: National Library of Medicine

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